Welcome on board! - Feel even better on your super yacht with this small but significant solution

Imagine you are a Billionaire, or maybe you already are, and your business is part of the Forbes 500.

You fly private and you have a cosy, 85-meter yacht. It has the best designer quality, you have the most experienced Captain and First Officer but your Second Officer and one of the maids have just started working for you and they are experiencing some problems with adapting to the luxury lifestyle you live. Their previous experience did not include direct contact with high-profile people so they are not used to the same etiquette that the rest of your team adopt.

I know what you’re thinking.

In your position, it could be easy to just fire them. In fact, when I worked in a family office I can recall the exact same case with an owner and his crew and he wanted to fire two people he was unhappy with for their etiquette skills.

However, to go through the effort of finding someone else or having the same problem occur again may not be beneficial to your schedule and your captain insists that your new crew members have excellent skills in other areas, so it would be a shame to lose them for that.

So, what should you do?

You should invest in training them.

And dare I say, you should give the rest of your team a refresher in etiquette too. Some may have basic knowledge but do they know about modern etiquette?

And especially in the VIP Business of today, it is crucial to give your team the knowledge on how to be discreet.

One of my favourite quotes is from Adolf Freiherr von Knigge and he used to say:

“One of the most important virtues in social life, a virtue that is becoming less common by the day, is discretion.”

We from Hallo Heidi LLC Solutions have the perfect packages and training programs for this – even intercultural differences are one of our specialities and with our add-ons we can introduce customised etiquette to your staff - ask us and we will support you.